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Who is creating this video game?

    Fling is a multi-company coordinated effort lead by the Foundation for the Future, LLC.

What is this video game about?

     Fling is a genetic research assistant in a large corporations laboratory who gets mutated into Gigantopithecus Bilaspurensis by his evil boss and nemesis, *Victor Reeder. Flings goal in the game is to defeat Victor and rescue his love interest, *Alana Belfield.

How does Fling defeat his enemies?

     Fling uses an assortment of weapons in game, however his most useful attack is natures gift: throwing Poop.

How long is the game?

     The Fling project is anticipated to have 10 levels. There will be a number of places for Fling to explore, as well as numerous enemies, three seperate mini-boss fights, and the final stage where Fling will face Victor.

When will Fling be available to play?

     The tentative release date for Fling is the winter quarter of 2014. At this point, the workflow has been progressing a litte faster than expected so there is a good likelihood that this date will be revised. However, we are at a stage where funding has become an issue, so further work is dependent on aquiring the appropriate financing. When available for beta testing, you can always find the latest demo versions of the game here as well as the most recent news and project updates.

* All names used in Fling have been obtained through, and are meant to be completely random. Any similarities to persons living or dead is purely coincidental and unintentional.

BETA TESTERS -  Please complete the title screen survey located at the following link no later than August 6th:


                                                                                      Survey Link


If you are not an official beta tester, feel free to partake in the survey as well, we look forward to all input.

Latest News

I can't contribute financially at this time, is there another way I can help or contribute to the project?

     Yes! Video game developement is a complicated and many faceted endeavor, and requires the work of a great number of individuals of varying talents. We are currently in need of 2D texture artists, digital scenery artists, concept work,  3D modellers, and video compositors. There is also an urgent need for musicians, whether performing in a group, or as an indivudial instrumentalist. Those with experience in generating electronic music and even midi files are encouraged to submit if they can. There will be more projects in the future so even if your work does not make it into Fling, anything you feel you could help out with would be greatly appreciated.

How do I make contributions if I have something other than financial aid to offer?

     Please use the 'Contact' section above to submit your name, email address, and a short note on what you are willing to do.

Are there any rewards for making contributions?

     If you are able to make a financial donation through Kickstarter, there are several levels of rewards including a free special edition copy of the final game, Fling branded merchandise, and listing in the game credits. If you are able to contribute in another fashion such as artwork or music you will, at a minium, recieve a credit in the game. Depending on the quantity, quality, and number of actually accepted items, there may be compensation beyond basic game credits. This will be evaluated on a case-by-case basis, and is in no way guaranteed until you receive written confirmation from  Foundation for the Future, LLC.

08.11.2013 - Began modelling a basic room in Blender. Determined the correct procedures for simple modelling, UV mappping, and texture application in a format that can be easily exported for use in the 3D game engine. Loaded test scene into engine for confirmation and tested how things look with basic lighting.


08.04.2013 - Implemented basic 3D engine with an imported version of the current Fling model. Work is now beginning on level one demo graphics.


07.30.2013 - Awaiting the results of the title screen survey. All beta testers please complete the survey no later than 8.05.2013. Thank you!


07.19.2013 - Completed Title screen demo number 5, got it uploaded to youtube, and updated the bottom of the page here with the new video. Today will begin work on the questionnaire for Beta team feedback.


07.18.2013 - Completed the first four demo title screens. Will be completing the last in the next 24 hours, and they will be submitted to the beta team for review.


06.25.2013  -  Aquired a legnthy music score from a dear friend, Ben Rocap. It is an excellent piece of work and will serve as the as the basis for Fling's Soundtrack. Coming soon, the individualized pieces for the title screen, different levels, and the end credits!


06.23.2013  -  Finished updating the website design.


06.22.2013  -  We are in the process of creating title screen demos for this months project member update. A series of Youtube videos will be uploaded of the various demos to allow Beta team employees to upvote the ones they like best. A list of links to the various videos appear on the right.

New Trailers

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